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We want to be authentic to who we are,
not who the world wants us to be.


We want to break outside the box.

We want to give back and sow into the lives of others
in every way possible.

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    Enlighten Design & Marketing was created in October 2017 because God said to. Yes, it’s really that simple. Being transparent, I didn’t want to do it! I argued with God and told Him, “if you really want me to do this then I want a single word name followed by ‘design and marketing’, and, it has to be a name that isn’t “in your face Jesus” but one that also has to have a spiritual meaning to provoke conversation.

    [For some reason, I guess I thought I could throw God a curve ball! It’s not like He is an all-seeing, all-knowing, knows what is best for me, kind of Father or anything! haha]

    God often speaks to me through dreams and visions. I stood up on a Sunday morning to lead worship at my church, and before the first song began, I had a vision of a logo. It was the logo you see today. Being sassy with God I said, “okay God, I will look up the definition of ‘enlighten’ when worship is over.” As I sat in my seat with phone in hand, I typed the words “definition of enlighten” into my Google browser.

    I sat paralyzed in awe of how God had just showed up.

    The first definition: to learn something new.

    The second definition: to have a spiritual awakening.

    It was at that moment I realized God really wanted me to take this step of faith; He was showing up in such a way that I could have the faith to do it. I often joke that God has a gold plated 2 x 4 with my legal first name, Brittany, hung above a door somewhere in heaven. Every once in a while, I get a little stubborn and He uses it! [Haha]

    I quickly learned that I was hindered with the fear of success. [Sounds backwards, right?] As a strong believer in the Lord, and a firm believer in the obedience required in a relationship with God, I took a step of faith and started this company. I do not view God as a tyrant, but I do view God as a good Father who sometimes has to be strict with me.

    The beautiful part of how this company was birthed is that no matter who asks the question, whether it’s an individual, or a corporate company, it’s an opportunity for me to share how good God is! That’s my goal in this lifetime, to save souls for His Kingdom, introducing Him every chance I have, in unconventional places. He’s always in my story, literally. As owner of Enlighten Design & Marketing, I stand unashamed in my belief In Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I will stand from my mountaintop always proclaiming the goodness of God. Some would say this is not good business practice, but when all I have belongs to God, how can I not stand and proclaim His goodness. If a client chooses not to work with my company because of our beliefs, I fully respect their choice and I am happy to help them find another company to work with. My hope is that I can earn the trust of every client interested in working with Enlighten Design & Marketing.

    I believe there is a perfect fit of client and company, we just have to find each other.

    I have always believed in being transparent in a world that doesn’t want us to be. This translates to my way of doing business telling clients to be a voice not an echo in the market they are in. Our core values are creativity, authenticity, and community. These three pillars of doing business is how every project is started.

    Through creativity, we go beyond the box breaking tradition.

    Through authenticity, we help our clients be who they are not who the world wants them to be.

    Community is our way of always finding opportunities to give back. We try to keep this in our local community supporting those around us.

    We believe that a client should never have their dreams hijacked. This is why we say the client remains the chief marketing officer with the dream, vision, and direction of the company. We come alongside them as their marketing director helping them to achieve those dreams, visions, and direction. Our way of doing business is not always traditional but in order to achieve nontraditional results sometimes you have to break out of what’s comfortable. Our goal is to always be inspirational, to help others find deeper places in themselves and in their companies, that lead to success. When you become a client of Enlighten Design & Marketing, you become family.


    Sincerely yours,